American Equipment, based in Salt Lake City, UT, provides a one-stop-shop for all overhead crane and hoist needs, including new equipment design, engineering and fabrication, system modernization, installation, inspection, maintenance, repair and training services. Its president and CEO, Adam Zimmerman, will retain a significant equity interest in the company and will lead the combined business.

Michael Perera, founder of Pacific Crane & Hoist. will also retain an equity interest and will continue to provide complex and highly engineered overhead crane and hoist solutions to customers across a range of end markets throughout North America.

Dave Costa, founder of Allied Crane, will support the company and its customers as a special advisor.

“The combination of American Equipment with Pacific Crane & Hoist and Allied Crane brings together more than 100 years of collective industry experience and creates the premier consolidation platform in the highly fragmented North American overhead crane and hoist market,” said Ryan Aprill, VP, Rotunda.

“This is an incredible opportunity for American Equipment,” said Zimmerman. “Through this partnership, our culture and customer experience that we are known for won’t change, but we gain the expertise and capital to grow in a market with significant opportunity.”

Corey Whisner, partner, Rotunda, said the deal continues its tradition of acquiring family and founder-owned companies and partnering them with strong management teams and it wants to leverage the combined company’s geographic footprint and capabilities to expand its existing value-proposition, while accelerating expanding into new markets.

“The combination of Pacific Crane & Hoist’s advanced and engineered system capabilities with American Equipment and Allied Crane is unique and will enable us to address any overhead crane and hoist project or service requirement entirely in-house,” added Perera.

“It gives me great pride knowing the company I built for the last 45 years, and our employees will be joining an organization led by Rotunda and the most experienced overhead crane and hoist executives in the industry,” said Costa.

American Equipment Holdings will provide overhead crane and hoist needs, including new and replacement equipment, ISO certified fabrication, automated systems, system modernizations, parts, inspections (including OHSA and Cal-OSHA), preventative maintenance and repair services and training

It represents manufacturers including Detroit Hoist, Columbus McKinnon, ACCO, R&M, Demag, Gorbel, Spanco, IMS, Harrington, Conductix, Magnetek & PE.