Warm reception for RSS at radiator firm

20 September 2018

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Rope and Sling Specialists (RSS) has installed three goalpost runway systems at Stelrad Radiator Group, for lifting heavy parts.

The systems, which have a 500kg safe working load, eliminate the need for operators to manually handle the parts at Stelrad, a UK-based manufacturer of domestic radiators. They span the packaging lines at the Rotherham facility, and were installed with push travel trollies, lifting beams, and hand chain blocks that are used to lift items during the radiator packaging process.

Each of the three identical runway systems measure 3,606mm across, with 3,655m separating the footings on each side of the conveyor belt that runs underneath the lifting beams and hoists. The free-standing structures were originally manufactured to stand at 2,200mm high but, at installation, it was decided to raise them a further 200mm to allow more headroom for personnel.

This alteration required a last-minute fabrication of 16 stools, after which the frames were lifted using two Genie lifts and a lift truck with fork extensions, sourced from RSS.

Mick Gill, senior testing engineer at RSS, said: “Sometimes you have to be dynamic and work with a customer or end user to tailor the solution to fit their requirements. Although we’d conducted site visits and submitted drawings, it’s important the installation team is always prepared to be flexible.”

Shaun Wilkinson, services manager at Stelrad Radiator Group, said: “We are very pleased with the result. It was important for us to implement a system that promoted sound lifting technique and sustained good health and safety practices. Previously, these problematic handling tasks had to be carried out manually. I use RSS for all our lifting equipment on site, including slings, chains, and specialist lifting gear.”

The goalpost runway systems and beams were manufactured by Regional CAD Systems, based in nearby Sheffield.