Teatro Bradesco select JR Clancy rigging equipment

11 October 2010 by Alice Attwood

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On its opening in early October, the 1,457­­­­­-seat house in the Bourbon Mall São Paulo, became one of the largest traditional theatres in Brazil.

Teatro Bradesco selected the automated stage rigging to be manufactured and designed by hoist specialist, JR Clancy. The rigging system includes ten PowerLift automated hoists, controlled by the firm’s SceneControl 500.


JR Clancy’s in-house rigging team designed the touch screen system that shows operators a 3D image of the stage and the scenery hanging on each batten.  Users can set cues, group battens to move together, and are able to see everything that is moving on stage at any one time.


The rigging firm also provided a Zetex fire safety curtain which is asbestos­ free and has a one hour rating, thus exceeding fire code standards.  The curtain lowers automatically in the event of an onstage fire, protecting the audience from flames, heat and smoke.


Finance for the project came from supermarket chain Cia Zaffari, the owner of Bourbon mall, and a supporter of the arts.  Theatres have already been constructed in several of the nine malls the firm owns in Brazil.