With PCS, designing, manufacturing and installing the crane, SWF is providing the hoisting technology, and with a load capacity of 500 t, and a rope drum diameter of 1.75m, the winch is one of the most powerful hoisting units built to date by the company.

The rope has a diameter of 36mm and a length of 500m. The hoisting unit has been classified according to FEM 1BM / M3 while the dead weight of the winch is 42 t.

SWF’s electric wire rope hoist, known as NOVA NE, has a load capacity of 40 t and is used as an auxiliary hoist. Its double girder trolley has been classified according to FEM 1AM / M4.

Both of the hoisting units are mounted on the double girder crane with a gauge of 4.2 m, while the span width of the crane is 23m with a lifting height of 19.5m.

Owing to the tandem function, both hoisting units can be controlled simultaneously or, if necessary, individually.

The company explained: "The winch features the crane intelligence function ESR (Extended Speed Range). This function boosts productivity in the partial-load range.

"When lifting lighter loads, the excess and unused motor performance is used to increase the maximum possible lifting speed. The possible lifting speed is calculated automatically and enables smooth lifting.

"Two boogie end carriages, each with eight wheels and a diameter of 710 mm, are responsible for the powerful crane drive.

"Four of the wheels on each end carriage are powered by electrical motors. The swivelling connectors ensure that all the wheels lies on the crane rail so that the wheel loads are optimally distributed."

The customer, Hydra Arc, produces components and containers for the petrochemical industry, and given the large dimensions of the components required and the resulting weights, the company decided to procure three powerful crane systems each with a load capacity of 500 t.