Straightpoint upscales US dealer network

4 October 2016 by Sotiris Kanaris

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Force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cell equipment manufacturer Straightpoint has named three new distributors in the US.

The Scale People Inc., of Newport News, Virginia; R.D. Jacobs Company, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida; and Cooper Instruments & Systems, of Warrenton, Virginia have joined the company’s network in recent months.

“Each has an established presence in the industrial scale marketplace, widening Straightpoint’s scope beyond its traditional lifting and rigging sectors,” Straightpoint said.

Rex Cooper, president at Cooper Instruments, said: “We have sold similar products for years, but we have never had the wide range of products Straightpoint offers for the heavy lifting industry. Additionally, we are finding more customers are looking for wireless solutions and they offer a wide range of wireless sensors that align well with our current offerings.”

Cooper’s sentiments were echoed to a large extent by Jim Bloodgood, president at R.D. Jacobs. He said: “I have been aware of the Straightpoint product range for some time. I am a long time distributor of another similar product, but Straightpoint offers a number of excellent solutions that are not available through other suppliers.” Bloodgood also alluded to the “exemplary” support he has received from the load cell manufacturer since joining its network.

The Scale People agreement also captures the essence of an outreach campaign that is being spearheaded by Wayne Wille, who recently joined Straightpoint as technical sales manager, with the company serving process control, laboratory, medical and commercial industries.

Cooper and Bloodgood both expect demand from the aerospace sector, while automotive, food processing, utilities, shipping and energy were among other industries referenced by Straightpoint’s three new partners.

Wille said: “It is within my breadth of work to introduce Straightpoint’s products to markets beyond cranes and rigging, which is hugely rewarding given the extent of our technological innovation and the scale network’s familiarity with state-of-the-art systems and software that offers them a complete solution.”

John Molidor, general manager, Straightpoint Inc., said: “While we are a below-the-hook equipment manufacturer, we offer a technologically advanced rigging product. What Wayne brings to the company is a background and connections in the U.S. scale dealer network, which is more mature in terms of its uptake of such technology. That is naturally very exciting.”