Straightpoint invests £330k in 350t test machine

13 August 2010

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The now-Hampshire based firm has recently relocated to deal more efficiently with the new equipment and handle growing demand for its services.

Taking 18 months to develop and test to specific Straightpoint standards, the equipment has also taken 16 weeks to build because of the size of the structure. Following assessment and calibration by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), it has been approved as a Class 1 test machine.

Managing director David Ayling said: "We’ve seen our export market rise dramatically over the last 18 months due to the weak GBP and exchange rate, which has seen Straightpoint's sales rise by 10%. As part of the growth, we’ve also seen an increase in the demand for testing and calibration of industrial load monitoring equipment, which is why we’ve invested in this state-of-the-art machinery. With our new service we’ll be able to test equipment of capacity from 1 to 350t of tension or compression, helping to ensure the health and safety of those using the equipment as well as the ultimate accuracy of the readings.

"For example, our load cranes cells are used by many rigging and testing companies worldwide to test cranes, bollard and tug testing, lifting systems, crowd control barrier, crash investigations as well as weigh suspended objects from cranes and hoists, so the accuracy in testing and calibration is of upmost importance to us and our global clients."

Straightpoint (UK) Ltd supplies crane scales as well as tension and compression loadcells to the UK and 25 global distributors.

David Ayling David Ayling