SCX wins harbour maintenance contract

30 November 2006

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The ships that dock into Dover are ro-ro vessels, which means roll-on/roll-off. They have built in ramps to allow their cargo to be wheeled on board rather than lifted by cranes.

As the ships move into the dock to be loaded, they are protected by special cushioning clamps, and because these clamps are subject to large impacts on a daily basis, they require regular replacement.

So, whilst the ro-ro ramps negate the need for cranes to lift cargo, Dover harbour cannot escape the requirement for cranes to remove these clamps when they need replacing.

Built into the main frame of the overall structure, the 2.5t cranes need to meet new UK standards and be fit for working in a marine environment. Rather than replacing the now sub-standard hoists, SCX propose to refurbish the equipment.

The refurbishment will include updating the cabling to UK standards, updating the coating to marine environment standards and updating the seals.

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