Power station orders lift Konecranes UK

5 September 2003

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Fuji Electric of Japan has awarded Konecranes UK a contract to supply three special lifting beams and several sets of lifting tackle which are designed specifically for lifting various turbines and condensers into place at peat fired power plants in the Republic of Ireland.

The power stations are at Lough Ree in Lanesborough and at West Offaly in Shannonbridge.

Also, Foster Wheeler has increased its previous order for the same two power stations with Konecranes UK to include 10 x 1t capacity hoists.

Foster Wheeler's new contract comes after an order for one main crane to each of the two turbine halls. One crane is a 55t/8.5t XLD model on a 27.6m span and the other is an 80t/12t SMD crane with a 28.2m span. Various smaller support cranes are also currently being delivered.

As well as DynAHoist variable speed and DynAC Invertor variable speed controls on cross and long travel motions, each crane also has Konecranes ControlPro condition monitoring to minimise maintenance downtime and plot the cranes' performance over their expected lifetime.

Konecranes UK has also been awarded another a contract by Siemens Power Generation Germany for 20 cranes to go to the Az Zour power plant in Kuwait. Siemens is supplying eight gas turbines and associated generators to Az Zour. Konecranes recently completed the delivery of 32 cranes to Siemens for another power plant in the Middle East, in the United Arab Emirates.

The Az Zour cranes are scheduled to ship from Konecranes UK's factory in Scotland at the end of September.

The largest capacity cranes for this contract are 2 x 60t with 12m span with two auxiliary hoists of 16t and 10t. Again, the cranes have DynAC Invertor variable speed on all motions and ControlPro condition monitoring.