Ports of Auckland orders and upgrades Terex ASCs

22 November 2016 by Sotiris Kanaris

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New Zealand port operator Ports of Auckland has ordered 27 fully automated straddle carriers (ASCs) from Terex Port Solutions (TPS) and upgraded 21 existing machines.

By mid-2019, TPS will supply a total of 27 new, fully automated N SC 644 E (1-over-3) machines to work in the container stackyard and to serve trucks.

The port operator currently operates a fleet of Terex N SC 634 E (1-over-2) diesel-electric straddle carriers and is pursuing a two-part strategy that includes the automation initiative and a step towards higher stacking capability which will deliver a medium-term increase in capacity from today’s 900,000 TEU to 1.6 to 1.7m TEU.

Tony Gibson, CEO Ports of Auckland said: “Due to community concerns, we cannot increase capacity at our container terminal through reclamation, so the only way is up. In future, we will use 1-over-3 straddle carriers in the container stackyard to increase capacity. Automated straddle carriers also offer a number of other benefits: They are inherently safer, as there is no human on board; they deliver a positive environmental impact as they will consume up to 10% less fuel and produce lower emissions; they will be quieter and need less light on the terminal, reducing both noise and light pollution. Overall, automation offers us safety, environmental, community, and capacity benefits.”

In the future, POAL will only use the existing 1-over-2 machines for horizontal container transport between ship-to-shore cranes and the storage area, which will help POAL maintain its currently high levels of productivity.

In addition to the supply and upgrade of the vehicles, the order also includes all sub-systems and software systems required for operation.

Apart from the TEAMS fleet management system, these sub-systems include the Navimatic navigation system based on a terrestrial system and its corresponding antennae to determine the position of the vehicles.

TEAMS and Navimatic have been adapted to the specific requirements of straddle carriers to control the automated operations in Auckland. TPS will supply the interchange and fence control system, safety-relevant vehicle control systems and various sensor systems that will enable smooth interplay between the automated vehicles and manual straddle carriers, as well as other functions operated by staff in the terminal.

Klaus Peter Hoffmann, vice president and managing director at TPS: “Against the backdrop of increasing demand, several years ago we started a comprehensive research and development program, in the course of which we created automation technology for both Terex straddle carriers and Terex sprinter carriers. We tested this over many months on prototypes at our testing grounds near the TPS competence center for straddle carriers in Würzburg, Germany, where we looked at design and operating principles, the control system, and the features of the positioning system. Our technology is now ready for market and has impressed POAL.”