New hoists to handle molten metal

30 October 2001

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David Round has launched a range of hoists in the USA which are approved for molten metal handling in heavy duty foundry applications. Five standard models are available in capacities from 1 to 5 US ton for applications such as ladle handling in manual and semi-automatic metal casting.

The H4 duty rated units have a minimum 8:1 design factor on the wire rope and on all critical hoist components, the company says. Hoisting speed is 5.8m/min on the 1 and 2 ton models, 5.5m/min on the 3 and 4 ton models, and 3.7m/min on the 5 ton. Motors are 60-minute rated and there is class H motor and brake insulation and high temperature wiring. Design is low-headroom with true vertical lift and double braking (AC disc, and roller ratchet mechanical load brake). Heat shields, mainline contactor, thermal overload relays and limits for power and upper/lower position stops are all incorporated as standard.