MHIA trade associations join up with OSHA

24 November 2005

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As part of the deal, the associations will produce more safety guidance, organise safety conferences, and distribute existing best practice more widely. They will promote compliance with federal standards and promote OSHA safety programmes.

These programmes include the Voluntary Protection Programme, in which workplaces are assessed against performance-based criteria, OSHA's Consultation Programme, in which workplaces can find out how to improve their safety without the risk of being penalised, and its Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Programme, which exempts businesses from regular OSHA inspections provided they meet safety criteria.

The exact plans will depend on the outcome of implementation meetings.

"I think OSHA wants to be more supportive," said Jeff Brietrick, president of the CMAA and general manager of P&H brand owners Morris Material Handling Inc. "It is willing to assist us or our clients with compliance, and prevent dangerous work rather than punish it. A crane could be a high-liability product. The more proactive we are, the lower our costs and the better off we are. And we are exposing CMAA and HMI information to OSHA."

Lift-Tech's Greg Miskowiec will manage the OSHA alliance for the CMAA, Ingersoll-Rand's John Perkins will manage the alliance for the HMI, and Demag's John Paxton will manage the alliance for the MMA. Also invovled are Hal Vandiver, executive vice president of the MHIA, as well as OSHA facilitator Jess McClure, staff member Lisa Rambler and director of alliance programmes Lee-ann Jillings.

Some 350 trade associations and organisations have allied with OSHA since the programme was set up in 2002.

MHIA members sign an OSHA alliance agreement MHIA members sign an OSHA alliance agreement
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