Manufacturer expands wheel set range for rail-mounted applications

10 December 2014

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Terex Material Handling has expanded its Demag DWS wheel set range with the addition of products made from new materials.

The company now offers three existing wheel set sizes with forged steel travel wheels as well as its existing range made from spheroidal-graphite cast iron.

Wheel sets from Demag DWS are ready to install components for rail-mounted transport applications and are available in three sizes with maximum load capacities of 28 to 60 tonnes.

The addition of forged steel wheels to Demag's DWS wheel sets range are specifically used in industries where harsh ambient conditions prevail such as in foundries and the steel sector.

The new DWS wheel sets, dependant on size, are supplied with travel wheel widths of 140, 170 or 210 mm and have two wheel flanges for standard treads of 80, 90 or 110 mm as standard.

According to the manufacturer, larger wheel treads up to 160 mm are also possible to meet specific customer requirements, as are application-specific designs with only one wheel flange or wheels that have no flanges.

In addition, the forged steel travel wheels can also be supplied as hardened wheels as an option with the depth of the hardening is then approximately 10 mm.

Dr Thomas Bönker, head of the components business line adds: "We have supplemented our product range with this additional variant and meet the demands of industries in which the wheels have to travel under particularly harsh ambient conditions."

The company added; "Demag DWS wheel sets are preferably installed pre-assembled in travel units that have corner-bearing arrangements. They are also designed to be used in hollow profile sections and box-section girders. As part of the Demag modular drive system, DWS wheels sets are supplied as individual components and - in combination with geared motors - also as complete drive units.

DWS wheel sets together with their dedicated torque brackets are a perfect match for Demag offset or angular geared motors. Thanks to their versatility, DWS wheel sets are not only used in the crane and materials handling sector, but also for related mechanical engineering solutions.