They are the latest additions to the training courses being rolled out. Leea’s Foundation Certificate Global training course is already available in these languages online to all members, as is the Lifting Accessories Course Global.

Leea said that introducing courses to the platform means members can carry out their training when they want, how they want and for as long as they want. The platform is said to be suitable for any device and has an offline study capability with auto-sync updates once back online. 

The association’s Huntingdon training centre is equipped with cameras, speakers, microphones and other equipment, enabling Leea staff to hold classes with delegates from across the world and deliver training via Zoom. 

Holders of the Leea ‘smart’ Team Card, which provides instantly verifiable data when required, will have any new qualifications updated by the Leea team when changes occur.

The association expects the new courses to be popular with members and looks forward to hearing feedback from participants.

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