LEEA to hold Apprenticeship webinar

17 November 2021

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The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) will hold an Apprenticeship Webinar at 10am (GMT) on December 2, 2021, looking at the Lifting Equipment Technician standard for England as it enters its final stages.

The event will also feature the City of Bristol College speaking about apprenticeships and how they can be arranged and organised, and why companies and potential recruits should engage with students.

Kat Moss, who becomes LEEA Chair in January 2022, will be explaining the Lifting Equipment Technician apprenticeship standard in her capacity as chair for the Trailblazer Group behind its development. Giving the employer view, Paul Davies from William Hackett will discuss why they organise apprenticeships. He will be joined by the company’s own apprentice, James Hume, who will speak about why he chose this path.  

“With the Lifting Industry’s own standard in England now only awaiting ministerial sign off, we want to showcase apprenticeships as an alternative pathway into the sector. The development of the standard will also be informative for stakeholders in other global territories seeking to drive the implementation of similar schemes. Lifting is a key role in the supply chains of many industries. Wherever goods, products, materials or people are moved, lifting equipment is involved," said Ross Moloney, CEO, LEEA.

"The Industry wants to attract the next generation of recruits into this incredible sector. In our specialised, safety critical industry, it is of paramount importance that we provide a recognised occupation and career progression pathway which will encourage newcomers as well as up-skilling existing personnel.”

The LEEA Apprenticeship Webinar is open to all in the Lifting Industry. Anyone who wants to register their interest, can email [email protected].