Gebuwin launches swivel davit SD500

6 December 2016 by Sotiris Kanaris

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Dutch manufacturer Gebuwin has launched the SD500, a fordable swivel davit with 500kg hoisting capacity.

“This foldable davit helps you carry out your work effectively without risk of physical overload, according to the latest health and safety act,” Gebuwin said.

Due to its light weight of 25kg, the davit can be moved by one person and can be used in numerous applications, including multi-usage positions. It is ready for use within five seconds, by means of the folding system of the boom.

The frame and winch consist mainly of construction steel finished with a two-component lacquer coating or an electrolytic zinc coating.

The winch has a gear transmission with a self-braking capacity, the crank is adjustable in length and removable, and all rotating parts run in maintenance-free bearings.

The pole is provided with a pivot bearing which enables swivelling of the davit through 360°.

“Because of the integrated winch with spur gear transmission and the integrated cable, the SD500 is not only compact, it is also low maintenance,” said the manufacturer.

Gebuwin also developed a floor socket, designed to make the hoisting davit stable and ready for use. The floor socket can be installed everywhere by means of chemical anchors or standard fixing bolts.