Flexible remote control from Scanreco

20 September 2018

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Scanreco has launched the Rocket Flex Transmitter, designed to be particularly suitable for mobile applications including cranes and winches.

The control offers a range of digital control functions and operator feedback options, and is designed for heavy usage, providing 120 hours of continuous operation before charging is required.

The Rocket Flex has 14 one- or two-step push-buttons, and allows for customisation on the front label by combining symbols and text. Buttons can be configured to be momentary, latching or interlocking, says Scanreco, and each button can be assigned to any receiver output, and to several outputs at once if required. A ‘shift feature’ duplicates the functionality of each button.

An optional graphic display and five standard LEDs, used for feedback from the receiver, are also programmable.

Automatic frequency management allows for continuous work without interruptions caused by radio interference from other wireless equipment. Using a Scanreco protocol and unique identity code prevents other transmitters from accidentally activating the machine, says the company.