Eye-bolt added to GrabIQ

11 December 2001

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Gunnebo Industrier of Sweden has added a rotating eye-bolt type rotating lifting point (RLP) to its GrabIQ system of lifting components. The new RLP is designed for lifting, lashing and towing applications that require one or more lifting or securing points.

Gunnebo Lifting export manager Robert Hermans claimed: "When multiple lifting points are used, the RLP is superior to fixed-mount lifting eye bolts because it is self-aligning. In other words, it is always orientated in the correct direction, so it can be utilised to the maximum while minimising the load on lifting tackle." An eye lifting point, or ELP, is also being launched by Gunnebo. This has a flattened section to accept the Berglok chain coupler.

Both the RLP and ELP have a bolt fastening. The RLP socket is equipped with an open D-ring to make it easier to attach large lifting elements immediately after installation.

The RLP is "GrabIQ 8+" grade, the highest in the product range, available with installation bolts from M8 to M24 size, and has a maximum safe lifting capacity of 3.5t. The ELP is grade 8, is available in sizes from M16 to M36 and lifts up to 4t, or up to 16t on true vertical lifts.