D2cranes adds Hoist UK as exclusive UK distributor

21 November 2011

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D2cranes manufactures the hoists, and now Hoist UK will integrate D2cranes’ products into its designs to fulfill client requirements.

Hoist UK said that increased competition is creating demand for clean rooms that help companies better manage quality in the manufacturing sector. “In the era of intense competition, companies are constantly under pressure to develop new and innovative products in shorter time cycles, at lower cost and with ever higher quality, so the use of clean room environments within this manufacturing sector are becoming more prevalent.”

Paul Jordan, director at Hoist UK, said: “This new range of hoists, cranes and lifting structures are suitable for all clean room environments from the food industry to the semi-conductor industry and our products cover all clean room applications.

“Because of the stringent specifications required for clean room environments we do not recommend the use of modified standard industrial equipment, and the products offered through Hoist UK have been designed specifically for clean room use by D2cranes.

“We are very excited to begin this new distributorship as both D2cranes technical expertise and Hoist UK experience will make this a perfect partnership.”

Roland Hessels, managing director of D2 cranes went on to specify the Hoist UK ranges available with D2cranes cleanroom hoists. “The range of cleanroom hoists is based on three main selection criteria and subject to your specification and budget we will select products from our Optimate, Dedicate or Ultimate range of hoists, all of which can be seen in detail in the clean room area of the Hoist UK website.”

D2Cranes Ultimate Double Hoist. D2Cranes Ultimate Double Hoist.
D2cranes Dedicate Double Hoist. D2cranes Dedicate Double Hoist.
D2cranes Optimate Mono hoist. D2cranes Optimate Mono hoist.