Crane scales hold back the tide

11 May 2009

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Straightpoint (UK)’s mini weigher plus scales have been employed by Lloyds British and Severn Trent Water, the world’s fourth largest privately-owned water company, for the lifts, which must be carried out every six months by law.

The water pumps can pose a number of difficulties during the lift operation, including getting caught on the way up or becoming stuck to the floor due to excess sewage. This can cause the chain hoist to overload, resulting in accidents.

Mini weigher plus crane scales are available with capacities from 100kg to 5t, and are equipped with an audible alarm and an overload counter to maximise operator safety. Lloyds British has purchased over 250 of the crane scales.

“For this project we needed equipment which could keep us fully informed at all times of the force being lifted as overloading can put the people involved in great jeopardy,” said James Simms, engineering manager at Rota Handling, a branch of Lloyds British.