Following the agreement, CP Automation will supply the Swedish original equipment manufacturer’s extensive range of radio controls, which can support various crane and lifting applications. 

The addition of Tele Radio’s offering further strengthens the already flexible and robust radio control product ranges that CP Automation boasts for standard and engineered products. 

When installed, these wireless and radio controls can improve safety in industrial applications by enhancing operator control from a safe distance.

“This new agreement is the result of months of collaboration, negotiation, trust, and respect between ourselves and Tele Radio,” said Andy Swann, global business manager, cranes & power transmission, CP Automation. 

“Like us, Tele Radio is a growing business of experienced engineers and specialists that put their customers first and pride themselves in the dependable products and support that they offer. 

“Tele Radio was very open with us and, by its admission, cranes are not an industry that the company specialises in, so it was actively looking for a partner,” added Swann. 

“We’re a natural fit and, together, we can now provide greater technical support, back-up, and product choice for Tele Radio’s product customers, which CP Automation will manage using its market and product expertise.”

“Power and motion control is key to any material handling system or application — especially those involving overhead cranes and hoists,” added John Mitchell, global sales and marketing director, CP Automation. “As well as cranes, we’ll be introducing Tele Radio’s controls to our elevator customers and those working in our other core industrial markets, so that they can also benefit from the improved control these products provide.”

“Having had the opportunity to meet the team at CP Automation and to get to know them over the past two years, I know the word partnership means more to us than just a contract,” said John Suero, MD, Tele Radio. “It means that we are fully committed to each other’s success.”