Codipro sees further opportunities in Wind Energy sector

22 November 2021

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Codipro USA, the specialist for swivel hoist rings, has moved its entire operations from Pennsylvania to Texas and is expanding into other sectors, particularly Wind Energy, where it sees further potential for success.

Speaking to Jim Aujay, sales director, Codipro USA, he said the company had two warehouses, one in Greensburg, PA, which it shared with another company and another in Houston, Texas, which opened earlier this year.

It has now decided to consolidate the business by relocating all its operations into one place in Houston, Texas.



“The warehouse in Texas is bigger, which means we have a larger inventory there and we can ship products, the same day to our clients for a faster turnaround,” said Aujay.

“We always had a five-year plan to grow the company, increase our sales and expand our product offering. Before if a customer needed a customised hoist ring or a shorter bolt, that is something that had to be shipped from our parent company in Luxembourg with a lead time of 10-15 days but now, moving forward, we can do it direct.

“Next for us is to expand even further. We sell to different industries, but we want to add more sectors, and we plan to hire more people within the next year as part of our growth plans. We can quote within the hour and ship same day, which is a huge plus for us, by moving to Texas it is only going to get better.

“One of the sectors we want to expand further into is Wind Energy. The push for clean energy is huge for and we see a lot more opportunities in the USA in that sector in general.”

Hoist Magazine reported in August that the majority of growth outside of Europe in the offshore wind market will come from China and Taiwan, with contributions from the US becoming sizeable from 2024 when the first utility-scale offshore project begins.

Joe Biden’s administration approved a $2.8bn construction of the US’s first large-scale offshore windfarm, in May, a joint venture between energy firms Iberdrola and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, with 84 turbines to be installed off the coast of Massachusetts (part of President Biden’s energy plan is to ramp up offshore wind as a central part of the US decarbonisation plan).

The project will generate about 800 MW of energy, enough to power around 400,000 homes and businesses, and is the first of many as it aims to generate 30 GW of energy from offshore wind by 2030. Two other offshore proposals, located in New York, are also under review.

Earlier this year, Codipro launched a new range of swivel lifting rings: the QLR (Quick Lift Ring), that offer fast anchoring with the push of a button, which saves up to 80% time compared to screwing in a conventional lifting ring.