Calls for recognition of manufacturers' 'key role'

24 December 2008

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"Despite the current economic doom and gloom, many of our member companies are winning valuable contracts overseas and helping to secure employment in this country," he said.

"Our own order book is presently full and the works is operating at capacity, so we're fairly buoyant. Nevertheless, as the world economy slows, trade associations like ourselves can provide the high quality market intelligence that will enable UK companies to continue winning business abroad," he added.

The BMPCA is the trade association that represents companies providing equipment and services to the metallurgical industry, from the design and supply of melting furnaces and rolling mills, to the provision of engineering, consultancy and maintenance services.

Kevin Parkin has been elected chairman for a two-year term, in which role he will represent the UK metallurgical equipment and services sector in dealings with legislators, overseas trade bodies and its counterparts in other industries.