Best supporting tractor

16 August 2019

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A combination of Erikkila light crane systems and Kito hoists were installed at an innovative tractor manufacturing facility in Germany.

Deutz-Fahr, a manufacturer of agricultural engineering equipment including tractors and combines, invested €90m in the construction of its Deutz-Fahr Land plant in Lauingen, Germany. The plant spans 150,000m2, of which 40,000m2 is covered.

Carl Stahl was responsible for sourcing crane equipment for the whole plant, and consulted Kito Group to find the best solutions. Working together, more than 60 customised load-carrying devices were developed, with repeated tests to ensure the Erikkila light cranes and Kito electric chain hoists matched the manufacturing processes.

15 lightweight aluminium Prosystem series crane systems from Erikkila were installed on the ceiling above the pre-assembly area, featuring internal conductor rails for power supply, providing a wireless, safe and clear working environment.

A further 45 light crane systems, with aluminium profiles and load capacities of 1t, were installed above the tractor conveyor belt, which has a runway more than 400m long. Along with the aluminium cranes, eight light crane systems with steel profiles and capacities of 1.5t were also installed.

The Erikkila workstation cranes are fitted with a total of 50 Kito ER2 and CDER2 electric chain hoists. Applications of the hoists within Deutz-Fahr Land include using vacuum lifting technology with the ER2 hoists to transport bonnets through a low profile and along a curved path to the correct position on the tractor.