Below-hook drum handling from Liftomatic

25 October 2018

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Liftomatic Material Handling, based in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, has expanded its range of drum handling equipment with the introduction of the 3A-HD-BHDL below-hook drum handling system.

The system is a fully automatic and mechanical below-hook attachment that can be used to lift 55-gallon drums from an overhead position for placement to or from a range of containment devices, scales, pallets, and other similar requirements, says the manufacturer. Drums remain in a vertical position while lifted and/or transported, adds the company.

The 3A-HD-BHDL uses three radial arms that conform to the drum body and engage at the underside of the drum chime on almost any 55-gallon steel or plastic drum, with an outside chime diameter between 21in and 23in. The unit has a working capacity of up to 3,000lbs per drum, with the three-point connection helping to maintain the drum’s integrity during the lifting process. An ‘intuitive lock’ engagement system ensures that the arms remain in the locked position until the load is placed in its final resting location.

The system can be attached to any overhead lifting hoist, and is particularly suited to the energy industries, environmental operations, and general use, says Liftomatic. It was designed following customer requests for positive locking system assurance that eliminates the need for the manual locking and unlocking of the amature to the drum, adds the manufacturer.