Airpes opens US operation

9 November 2016 by Sotiris Kanaris

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Airpes, a weighing systems and lifting equipment specialist, has expanded its presence in international markets with the opening of Airpes US.

The investment in the Wisconsin site improves its manufacturing, service and support offering to US customers across the board.

“The opening of Airpes US LLC allows us to be closer to our customers,” said Josep Compte, CEO of Airpes, who heads up the new operation.

“We hope to get more opportunities to provide US customers with our specialist material handling and weighing equipment technology, and so it will be critical to provide our valued clients with unrivaled service in both installation, and before and after-sales.”?

Airpes has been carefully planning the opening of its US operation for nearly two years, and is focusing on promoting its overload and monitoring devices for overhead cranes. This range includes a variety of load limiters and load cells, displays and Autec radio remote controls.

Airpes US LLC is also eager to explore the development of customized, tailor-made solutions for crane builders. “We have a strong engineering department where we develop new ideas and solutions,” said Compte.

The company will also continue to focus on the supply of handling equipment that has been successfully employed by customers across the globe, including coil tongs, lifting beams, transfer cars, remote control systems, electro-permanent magnets and weighing hooks.

“Our customers should feel our after-sales service improve day after day. Part of this service will be attended by local technicians with the same culture and way of doing things as clients, and this should be better for all of us,” added Compte. “

Apart from that, we will hold some stock of products that will be delivered faster so our customers in the US know they can rely on us day-in, day-out.”

Compte added that he is excited by the opportunity to further serve the US market. “The US market is bigger, more open, flexible, and faster than any other market we are involved in currently. It’s an opportunity we will successfully grasp, supported with a six-strong team by the end of 2016.”

Airpes works with companies such as Airbus, Alstom, Konecranes, GH, Gonvarri Steel Industries, and TATA.