Shuttlelift swans into modular housing

12 March 2018

Swan Housing Associates of Essex and East London, a builder and manager of houses to rent or buy, has bought a Shuttlelift SL 35II gantry crane for offsite construction of modular housing units.

The variety in shapes and sizes of the modular housing units meant that Swan needed a lifting device that could handle all the different configurations, as well as raw materials. It selected the Shuttlelift SL 35II with a custom spreader assembly. The crane is rubber-tyred and has a lifting capacity of 27t.

“It is mobile and suits our requirements in design and movement,” said Simon Ward, production manager of modular construction at Swan. “We wanted a flexible lifting approach for delivering raw material and finished product with large amounts of variation. The Shuttlelift gantry crane enables us to be flexible with our material handling rather than having multiple pieces of equipment to do individual functions.”

Based in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, Shuttlelift manufactures cranes with capacities up to 1,000USt and more.

Ward believes that the crane will aid Swan in delivering new, high-quality homes with savings and in a fraction of the traditional construction time.

“We believe we’ve made the right choice to position ourselves as a leader in the industry, without making more major investments, for years to come,” said Ward.