Rigmarine brances out in Kazakhstan

7 February 2017 by Daniel Searle

International lifting and marine specialist Rigmarine has responded to slow development in Kazakh offshore fields by branching out into mines and power plants.

Rigmarine has four global locations—others are in Baku, Azerbaijan; Sharjah, UAE; and Aberdeen, Scotland—all strategically positioned to serve offshore oil and gas, renewables, construction, break bulk, shipping and marine industries. However, the economic climate in Kazakhstan, in particular, lends itself to diversification.

Situated to the east of the Caspian Sea—with Baku, Azerbaijan 230 miles south-west on the opposite coastline—the Aktau site is well-placed to serve the nearby Kashagan and Tengiz oil fields but, more notably of late, Kazakhstan’s mining and power industries are demanding heavy lifting equipment as the oil and gas market remains cool in the region.

Neil Brodie, general manager at Rigmarine Kazakhstan LLP, said: “While globally there are positive signs for the [oil and gas] sector, the Kashagan field has experienced problems and I don’t anticipate Phase II of the drilling project to commence for a number of years. Mines and power stations however are showing signs of greater potential and there are opportunities to leverage our heavy lift expertise and product supply capabilities.”

Despite the fact that Kazakhstan’s mines are located in eastern regions, such as Almaty, Astana, Karaganda and Pavlodar—the latter located approximately 2,000 miles away in the country’s north-eastern corner—Brodie said Rigmarine wouldn’t need to expand its footprint and could serve an expanded customer base through recruitment of additional sales representatives.

He said: “We are actively contacting professionals in the country’s mines and power stations to update procurement contacts and arrange further meetings to discuss potential co-operations. There are many similarities between the industries and our traditional offshore markets but to release this potential we need sales staff strategically positioned to build relationships.”

However, Brodie notes that the majority of Kazakhstan’s power and mining companies are government-owned and will source equipment via tender processes. Accordingly, Rigmarine is registered to respond to these requests as they are issued.