Pelloby crane for technical college

6 February 2018

Pelloby has supplied the City of Wolverhampton College with three overhead cranes as part of a renovation project at the college’s Polymer Training & Innovation Centre (PTIC) at Telford, UK.

The PTIC is a technical training and consultancy business specialising in injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion training, offering courses combining theoretical and hands-on learning using various machines from different plastic processing industries.

The crane system was required to help lift tools in and out of these machines, with Pelloby supplying three overhead cranes supported by two 12m bays of free-standing gantry steelwork.

Two of the overhead crane beams run on the same bay and were made to identical specifications, with a 3.68m lift height and 4.2m span. The third crane, on the second bay, also has a 3.68m lift height, but a span of 5m. An anti-collision system was fitted on the two cranes on the same gantry, to shut down the movement of the cranes in the event of them approaching each other.

Each of the cranes, which have a safe working load lifting capacity of 2t, are fitted with a remotely-operated Yale chain hoist.

Pelloby’s managing director Glen Hickman said: “As a business that ships cranes all over the country and even further afield on a weekly basis, it’s always nice to take on projects closer to home but as this was a lifting application relating to plastic processing equipment, we were particularly pleased to have been chosen for the job.

“Over the years we’ve delivered countless cranes designed for tool changes for plastic processing machinery such as injection moulding machines, and were more than confident we could provide a tailored overhead crane solution to meet PTIC’s requirements. This was exactly what ended up happening with our team also taking care of delivery, installation and final commissioning.”