Light, fast Kito hoist for steel processor

4 April 2019

Kito Europe’s lightest electric chain hoist is being used by a steel processor in Germany.

The steel processor required equipment to lift metal plates in a grinding machine, each weighing between 30–40kg, and transport them to a pallet. Other requirements included a time-efficient and compact system, with easy and ergonomic handling.

To meet these demands, Simon GmbH, based in Kassel, Germany used components from Kito Europe to develop its Herkules ST load-handling system, featuring an articulated jib arm fitted with the Kito EDC electric chain hoist and an adapted magnetic gripper.

The EDC unit is the lightest of its kind, says Kito Europe, and is particularly well-suited to fast handling, hence its suitability for an operation where time-efficiency was required. It is fitted with a potentiometer to allow two different lifting speeds, and is also equipped with a precise cylinder control unit, enabling the operator to guide the load with one hand while simultaneously controlling the lifting process with the other. This offers an advantage for recurring transport processes, says Kito, and also guarantees maximum safety throughout the working process.

As part of the order for the steel processor, a number of modifications were made: the single-handed handle was replaced with a specially-developed handling device by Simon, featuring magnetic grippers and a two-hand control system and designed for fast and sage work with small steel elements. The two-hand control prevents accidental or premature placement of the components, adds Kito. Furthermore, the electro-permanent magnets require pulse from two switches on the handle to demagnetise, ensuring that the load will not be released in the event of a power failure, as the pulse can only be produced when the system has power.