HaiLi recommended

2 August 2017

Corrugated roller manufacturer HaiLi has become of the first Chinese companies to install Konecranes’ CXT Uno cranes.

HaiLi produces high-speed, high-precision corrugated cardboard rolling equipment, and purchased the Konecranes cranes to increase safety and efficiency.

Five CXT Unos were installed at the facility of HaiLi Corrugated Roll Manufacture (Changzhou) to work on production, assembly, testing and dispatch processes, handling hundreds of heavy steel rollers each year.

The cranes were purchased by BHS, the parent company of HaiLi, for the newly-refurbished plant, which opened this year.

The five CXT Uno cranes comprised two sets of 5t, 15.5m single-girder cranes for installation in the production and assembly areas of the HaiLi operations, two sets of 3.2t, 15.5m single-girder cranes for the dispatch areas, and one 5t, 11m single-girder crane for the product testing area.

The cranes are the most compact Uno cranes offered by Konecranes, with reduced floorspace and overhead requirements. They also offer radio control of the CXT hoist, with ergonomics designed to optimise safety and precise control.

HaiLi technical and project manager Xiangjun Wu said: “For us, major benefits of the new CXT Uno include safety and efficiency. For example, we have improved production cycle times by 10% compared with the old plant installed previously. In a highly competitive industry like ours, such a quick improvement is a significant and valuable advantage.

“Cranes are key to the entire process – we use them for receiving and handling materials, for machinery and fabricating rolls, and then for testing and dispatching products. If the cranes go down, we can’t manufacture anything.

“The new Konecranes are very safe and user-friendly in operation. The lifting and movement of the CXT Uno crane is very smooth and stable, and it has less impact to the factory than the old local cranes.

“The noise when the crane is used is so small that we can provide a better working environment, which contributes to OHS. The area covered by the hook is obviously larger than the old local ones too. These are strong benefits in the workplace.

“Safety is very good. The remote control positons the operator away from the load when required, but gives good control. Safety is very important to us.

“We chose Konecranes because our sister company in Shanghai (BHS Corrugated Machinery (Shanghai) Co Ltd) has had good experience with Konecranes over 10 years.

The cranes are backed by Konecranes’ 24/7 service, which is offered throughout China through the manufacturers’ 30 dedicated service centers, says Konecranes (Shanghai) sales manager Marshall Xu:

“Konecranes has invested extensively in both crane production and service facilities throughout China, to give top quality product and customer response to this important market, which respects our standards of technology, safety, reliability and backup,” says Xu.