Gorbel lifting device range gets smarter

27 May 2020

US-based Gorbel has launched the latest models in its G-Force and Easy Arm Intelligent Lifting Device range, called the Q2 and iQ2.

The new units are designed to be more user-friendly and to offer greater intelligence options than previous systems, says Gorbel. Operators no longer need to rely on the handle menu to programme the G-Force or Easy Arm system, says the company, as every unit comes as standard with a computer-based visualisation, so operators can configure the system from a PC or tablet.

The Q2 model has more customisable handle-based IO options, making it suitable for a wider range of applications than its predecessor, the Q unit. There are also configurable IO points on the iQ2 model, to limit the need for custom programming.

Both the Q2 and iQ2 have built-in wireless connectivity, enabling operators to service and troubleshoot the units without the need for Ethernet or USB—although both of those connections are still compatible. And both systems are available with G-Link Smart Connect, which allows G-Force and Easy Arm units to transmit data locally or anywhere with internet access, thereby enabling operators to set parameters and view data remotely from a computer, laptop or tablet.

The systems also incorporate the existing features of the G-Force lifting platform, including Virtual Limits, anti-drop functionality for tooling control, fault code history log, and the combination of high speed operation and precision placement, powered by an industrial processor-controlled servo drive system.

Mark Grandusky, Gorbel’s product sales manager for the G-Force and Easy Arm Intelligent Lifting Line, said: “Gorbel’s market leading position gives us the advantage of hearing an enormous amount of customer input from all those companies currently using G-Forces and Easy Arms. I am excited and proud to be launching the new Q2 and iQ2 models because our customers will be able to see how well we have listened to them.We are giving our customers an easier to use and more powerful Intelligent Lifting Device.

“Auto Float Mode, the addition of input/output functionality on a Q2 unit, and the ability to easily assign a variety of new functions to any input or output are just a few of the new advancements our customers will see.We also planned for the evolving needs of the more connected factory of the future.The optional Smart Connect G-Link and G-Link Insights packages empower our customers with tools to monitor, store, trend and analyse data as well as communicate with other devices on their network.This functionality takes the G-Force product line to the next level and positions Gorbel as a key partner in our customers’ Industry 4.0. journey.”