Gas processing plant supplied by GW Becker

22 July 2020

US-based GW Becker has designed and manufactured a 20-ton-capacity top-running double-girder bridge crane to service a residue building at a local natural gas mid-stream processing facility in West Virginia.

The crane, which has a span of 58ft, was designed and manufactured to Class 1 Group C&D Division 2 specifications for hazardous locations, and includes the required spark-resistant mechanical features.

The crane will be operated by a UL-approved, intrinsically safe hand-held radio, says GW Becker. Included with the crane is a spark-resistant festoon runway electrification system, in place of the normal bar-style system.

GW Becker’s engineering and service departments worked closely with the site project manager and installation crew supervisor to provide pertinent and accurate information, added the manufacturer, resulting in a seamless installation.