Eepos at FENDT tractors

12 March 2018

Eepos has designed and installed a lightweight aluminium crane system at a tractor and agricultural manufacturer in Marktoberdorf, Germany.

The project for Fendt saw the Eepos team produce a system designed to be able to support an existing production line of 60,000sq m.

Due to increase in sales the Fendt development and assembly facility had reached its production capacity. The goal of the new project was to improve ergonomic handling as well as to provide the highest possible production flexibility—each tractor is configured to the customer’s specifications so can vary throughout the assembly process.

30 of Fendt’s line assembly specialists tested various handling systems from a number of suppliers, assessing functionality, smooth-running and wear. The team’s favourite was the lightweight aluminium crane system from Eepos, which provided unsurpassed smooth running.

The Eepos crane systems required only one third of the moving force compared to its competitors, using 0.3kgf to move 100kg on the line.

The Eepos systems are employed in the pre-assembly and main assembly points, where over 1,200m of monorail cranes and 50 bridges have been installed. All required changes post-installation were made quickly thanks to easy-access service points, meaning there was very little production downtime over this period.