BVS manufactures cranes for Cairo metro project

4 April 2019

Turkish crane manufacturer BVS has designed and produced a number of cranes for use in the construction of the third metro line in Cairo, Egypt.

The Greater Cairo Urban Development Project, which began in 1980, has seen two metro lines built in the city, with a third, which is still under construction, partially opened in 2010. Line 3 is due to be completed in four phases, connecting the eastern and western banks of the Nile and relieving congestion in one of Cairo’s main thoroughfares.

The construction project is being overseen by a joint venture of Egyptian and French companies, with BVS supplying a range of cranes including an 80t/6.3t double girder gantry crane with 15m lifting height and 34m span; a 50t/7.5t double girder gantry crane with 14m lifting height and 32m span; a 14t-capacity double girder gantry crane with 11t lifting height and 30m span; a 5t-capacity single girder gantry crane with 11m lifting height and 30m span.

BVS also supplied launching girders—a system used in pre-cast post-tensioned bridge construction, comprising lifting devices and a supporting structure for lifting pre-cast beams and bridge segments—and winches. These included a 70t-capacity main winch trolley and a 5t-capacity auxiliary winch trolley for the launching girders.

The Turkish manufacturer will continue to supply the project during Phase 4.