Tough Touch screen

22 February 2017

Sweden’s JLT Mobile Computers plans to showcase its vehiclemounted terminals fitted with “virtually unbreakable” screen technology, says the company.

The company specialises in computers for demanding environments and will attend ProMat to highlight its latest generation of rugged systems, designed to improve productivity and reduce downtime. JLT will demonstrate its PowerTouch projective capacitive touch (PCT) display technology, which provides usability and reliability in harsh industrial applications.

This offers a 1.8mm-thick, chemicallytoughened glass cover, making the screens more resilient and reducing scratches, scuffs and breakages, while providing a similar interaction experience for the operator as standard consumer devices.

This is because, unlike resistive screens that can fail in areas where keys are regularly pressed, PCT screens are not susceptible to wear and tear and are well-suited for use with virtual keyboard technology, giving operators additional flexibility, says JLT.

As with resistive screens, though, the PCT screen can still be operated with gloves on. The PowerTouch technology also incorporates an Intel quad-core processor to produce very fast response times, which are unequalled in the industrial and logistics sectors, says JLT. Meanwhile, advanced control firmware filters out unwanted signals caused by water droplets on the screen, allowing the system to be used in wet environments.

The company will also promote two of its most popular industrial computers, both of which are now equipped with the PowerTouch system. The compact Verso+ 10 mobile computer is particularly suited to use in the heavy-duty and logistics sectors due to its small form factor and flexible QuickLock feature. JLT will also exhibit its JLT1214P forklift computer

An operator using a JLT system at the BCT Gdynia project, operated by ICTSI.
A close-up of the JLT system at BCT Gdynia.