Bridge club

14 June 2018

Shuttlelift has supplied two DB Series RTGs to Oldcastle Precast, a bridge girder specialist in California.

The two DB90 gantry cranes are double-beam models with capacities of 90t, and also incorporate customised spreader assemblies to allow them to lift a wider range of products, including handling the future needs of the transportation sector.

Oldcastle Precast supplies a number of markets across the States, with the primary focus being precast and pre-stressed bridge girders.

“The investment in the two Shuttlelift DB90 gantry cranes allows us to lift a wider variety of product and has given us the versatility needed to become more efficient in our staging and loading area,” said Scott Hicks, site manager at the Perris, California facility. “The added capacity, along with the quality and reliability of the Shuttlelift cranes, is something we didn’t have with our older off-brand gantries.”

Shuttlelift worked with Oldcastle to ensure that the cranes would benefit future work as well as current projects, resulting in the custom spreader assembly to maximise versatility, as well as allowing the two cranes to work independently or in tandem.

The RTGs are also equipped with a range of other features, including a cab mounted on the lower side beam opposite the engine compartment, with a custom stair system to make entering and exiting as easy as possible. The cranes also include low mounted hoists, linkage-free steering, and remote diagnostics to help keep maintenance costs low.

The development of the 90t DB90 was inspired by increased demand for a gantry crane with that capacity, said Brock Rubens, director of industrial sales: “Instead of just offering our 110USt capacity machine we wanted to design the DB90 in order to offer our customers a solution at a value that was more in line with the capacity they actually need”.