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CODIPRO designs and manufactures swivel lifting rings. Patented and compliant with the most stringent safety standards, these single, double or triple swivel rings are especially designed for difficult lifting tasks and for rotating heavy loads. CODIPRO offers swivel liftimg rings with a WLL from 300 kg uo to 50 tons per ring. Unitary tested, they are supplied with their certificate of conformity. Furthermore all the swivel lifting rings produced by CODIPRO are in accordance with the new European directive 2006/42/CE. Specialist for specific parts, CODIPRO designs swivel rings by the piece, adjusting the bolt length, the thread or the pitch. Our QUALITY=Your SAFETY

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Z.A Salzbaach
L-9559 Wiltz
Company Tel: +352 26 81 541
Company Fax: +352 81 0517
Company Email: info@codipro.net
Company Website: www.codipro.net

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URL: www.codipro.net

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