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28 July 2020

I’m of the opinion that there will always be a place for print media in everyday life; while the instant access of the internet makes online media extremely useful, there’s still a certain satisfaction to be had by picking up a magazine or newspaper, sitting down with it and reading it through.

There’s the tactile appeal of having physical print in your hand and being able to leaf through, and the relief of getting away from a screen, which many of us struggle to do for particularly long in any given day.

Having said that, the capabilities of online media offer all manner of other advantages, not least up-to-the-minute, multi-media information, And I’m pleased to say that Hoist has fully embraced the digital age, with a series of editorial webinars taking place over the next four months.

On June 29th we’ll be welcoming three industry experts to discuss the issues surrounding recruitment and training in the lifting sector.

‘Brain drain’ has been talked about for a long time as a potential problem, with a generation of experienced engineers and operators beginning to retire, taking knowledge with them. So, what is being done, and what can be done, to help ensure the industry has a new generation of trained operatives coming through?

To look at the challenges and solutions, we’ll be hearing from Ross Moloney, CEO of LEEA; Craig Douglas, founder of training provider JCD Training; and Daniel Harding, commercial manager at Train-A-Lift. If you can’t make the live broadcast—2pm on June 29th—then don’t worry, all our webinars will be available to listen to retrospectively on the Business Review Webinars website.

Looking further into summer and beyond, we’re planning a webinar on July 15th which will focus on procurement: the issues buyers can face when buying an overhead crane, and the technologies and approaches that can help to ensure that they end up with a system that is the best-suited to their operation, as well as the most cost-efficient.

On August 19th we plan to talk to manufacturers of training simulators, to find out what the state-of-the-art is in the technology they have developed, and how using such a system can benefit training programmes and providers, as well as the operators who are being trained, of course.

And in September we’ll be looking at the lifting kit used in mining operations, with representatives from some of the leading technology suppliers discussing the latest challenges and solutions.

I’m aware that web addresses always look a bit unwieldy when written in print, but please do check out www.business-review-webinars.com and head to the Hoist page to find out more.

As well as editorial webinars, our sales team is now offering commercial webinars, which unlike our editorial webinars give one individual supplier the opportunity to discuss their technologies and services in full. To take advantage of that opportunity, just drop Joe Woolerton a line.