Two Kalmar STS cranes shipped to Colombia

11 January 2012

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Jumbo Shipping transported two immense Kalmar Ship-To-Shore cranes, and seven Kalmar E-One2 Zero Emission RTGs, from Taicang, China to Cartagena, Colombia for Cargotec on its vessel, Jumbo Javelin. The cranes were bound for the port of Cartagena.

Jumbo secured the giant STS cranes in parts of the Javelin’s deck and cargo hold. Because of the large dimensions of the STS cranes, with some pieces weighing 1,000t, loaded crane parts reached 80m above the vessel’s deck and stretched out 30m from the starboard.

Jumbo and its client worked together to engineer support and sea-fastening structures, as well as special support constructions, for the crane parts.

Jumbo lifted and placed the lower portal of the first crane, then the upper structure of the first crane on deck, and lifted the second crane’s middle piece on deck with a tandem lift.

The company strategically tilted the upper structures to prevent water contact during the sea transport.

Jumbo calculated the best sea route to avoid waves and wind using SPOS and Octopus systems, and after verifying with MetoConsult, a European private sector weather forecasting database.

Thanks to Jumbo’s planning, the first batch of Kalmar cranes have been delivered to Cartagena on schedule. The final delivery of Kalmar cranes to the port is projected for Q2 2012.

Kalmar Super Post Panamax Ship-to-Shore cranes. Kalmar Super Post Panamax Ship-to-Shore cranes.