Jaso fitting out three hydropower stations

16 June 2020

Jaso Industrial Cranes has supplied three cranes to a hydroelectric power plant in Portugal, and is in the process of constructing a further six cranes for two plants operated by the same company.

Spain-based energy group Iberdrola began working on a large-scale project in northern Portugal in 2014, involving the construction of three hydroelectric power plants along the Tâmega River basin, at Gouvães, Alto Tâmega and Daivões.

In 2019, Jaso set up three cranes—a 20t double-girder gantry crane and two 150/20t double-girder cranes—at the Gouvães pumping station, which is due to begin operations in 2021.

Spain-based Jaso is now construction six more cranes, for the Alto Tâmega and Daivões plants: two 15t double-girder semi-gantry cranes, two 20t single-girder cranes, and two 200t double-girder cranes.

The cranes will be used to help with maintenance at the three facilities. The project will help to eliminate 1.2m tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually and will generate a 6% increase in the total installed electrical power in the country.