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Breakbulk Americas
22 September, 2023 Breakbulk Americas, which takes place in Texas, provides visitors with a networking platform to grow connections, generate new business and strengthen key existing relationships.
  • Oz Lifting displaying davit cranes at water sector exhibition
    Oz Lifting Products will exhibit at the Water Environment Federation’s Technical Exhibition & Conference (Weftec), which takes place 30 September to 4 October 2023 at McCormick Place, Chicago, US. The exhibition runs on the final three days of the event.


Overhead cranes: The state of play in Asia
14 September, 2023 Julian Champkin reports on the factors affecting the nations in Asia’s lifting market.
  • The Lowdown on Load sway
    Anti-sway technology was revolutionary when it was first introduced – but back then it did not actually work very well. Today’s systems, in contrast, offer safety and economy, and allow even a non-specialist to operate a crane. Julian Champkin reports.
  • The impact of economic trends on ports
    Ports are directly impacted by world financial economies. International economic downturns can cause significant delays in imports and exports. On the other hand, increasing trade demands can lead to expansions in infrastructure. Ports are also impacted by federal, state and local budgets impacting port efficiency and traffic flow. Jenny Eagle investigates.
  • Overhead crane technology: The Industry 4.0 Interview
    Oscar Fillol, CEO at automatic lifting solutions provider Elebia, and Siemens’ Roland Najbar, business development manager for the crane industry, discuss Industry 4.0 and explain what their companies are doing to facilitate it.


Below the hook: Multi-point beams
25 September, 2023 Below-the-hook equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, as demonstrated by multi-point lifting beams (and modular spreader frames), writes Dan Mongan, senior sales engineer at The Caldwell Group.
  • LEEA column: Improving standards
    Ben Dobbs, head of global standards and legislation at the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, highlights the current works in progress and plans for the BS7121 Code of practice for the safe use of cranes.
  • Below the hook: A hook in the water
    Some hooks are designed for underwater applications and use with remotely operated vehicles. Avoiding shedding and snagging are among the requirements, writes Robert Allen, outside sales manager for The Caldwell Group’s RUD product line in the US and Canada.