Winkle develops lightweight scrap magnet series’

11 February 2011

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Developed using the firm’s recently improved proprietary 3D CAD software, the lightweight Optimag LDSA and extra-light Optimag ELDSA each feature significantly reduced total weights, resulting in better utilisation of a crane’s maximum lifting capacity.

Winkle Industries believes the latest additions to the L-Series are between 4% and 14% lighter than their comparable competitors, as well as more cost-effective to manufacture thanks to their CAD optimised structural design improving material efficiencies.

Essentially an update of the design used in Winkle’s LSA series of scrap magnets, the LDSA magnet is available in weights from 465kg to 3.5t, with lifting capacities from 284kg to 2.55t.

The ELDSA range of magnets, designed for use with smaller hydraulic scrap handling machines, weigh between 405kg and 3.4t, and are capable of lifting from 260kg to 2.5t.

Both models are supplied with heavy-duty mechanical features and deep-field coils, and are suitable for general duty scrap handling applications, whether with fixed or mixed loads, due to their large lifting surfaces.

As with all designs produced by the below-the-hook lifting equipment manufacturer, the LDSA and ELDSA magnets can achieve 75% duty cycles in continuous 24/7 operation.