Magnetek drive interface adds new functions at lower cost

14 June 2011 by Kevin Walsh

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Wisconsin based radio remote control manufacturer Magnetek has released a Radio Drive Serial interface (RDSI) module for its Impulse drive series that reduces costs while providing additional functionality for remotes.


Using a three-wire serial interface, Magnetek says the RDSI can be connected to any number of drives, irrespective of the scale of application, obviating the need for relay cards, while reducing the amount of wiring and labour.

Magnetek’s RDSI module can also connect directly to the firm’s line of Flex M receivers.

When used with the Flex M and compatible remote transmitters, such as the XTLX or soon to be released MLTX2 remote, the RDSI module provides additional feedback to the remote.

Feedback information such as drive status, output frequency, voltage, current, power and torque reference is sent to the remote by the RDSI module, allowing operators to monitor systems remotely from a handheld transmitter.