Hanson Pipe and Precast Relies on PSI Technics positioning system

28 February 2012

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The Positioning Solution System purchased is a modular positioning control system that works not only with bridge cranes, but also with stacker cranes, shuttle cars and other industrial vehicles.

Hanson Pipe and Precast, a member of the Heidelberg Cement Group, is one of the largest manufacturers of concrete products in North America.

In March 2011 the company’s executives decided to integrate PSI Technics' Positioning Solution System into a fully automated crane system, as an upgrade at its Martinville, Louisiana production plant.

The PSI Technics' Positioning Solution System with Advanced Skew Control was selected to replace a discontinued system.

The new system provides single-axis control for the trolley traversing machinery, PSI Technics said.

PSI Technics ensured the system was able can handle varying loads. This is necessary as during the concrete pipe manufacturing process, as weight of concrete changes as it dries.

Hanson Pipe and Precast decided to include PSI Technics' TPCC Thermo Protection Cooling Case to protect their optical distance meters from the 140°F (+60°C) temperatures at the plant.

Long-time Hanson Pipe and Precast supplier Hawkeye Pederschab, based in Mediapolis, Indiana, ensured the installation was a success.