4 December 1989

From Chris Wheeler, Managing director, Cambridge Computer Ltd Bridge House, 10 Bridge Street, Cambridge CB2 1UE

Computergram (21 November) continues the speculation on Cambridge Computer's product development plans. Whilst the speculation may be enjoyable, I am concerned that no one should be misled. Our position, as previously stated, is that CCL anticipates launching a new PC-compatible portable computer later in 1990. Until such time as we have completed the development phase, and have announced the specification, pricing and availability, speculation in any of these areas remains just that. You can however, be assured that Cambridge will continue to bring outstanding products to the market which will set new standards for performance and value for money.

From David W Dunlap, Vice-president finance and administration, Supertek Computers, 5150 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, California 95054

Your August 1 1989 item entitled Yokogawa to build Supertek minisupercomputers in Japan next year contains incorrect information. Yokogawa Electric Company has been appointed as the exclusive manufacturing subcontractor in Japan for Supertek's sec ond-generation machine, the model S-2. Sup ertek reserves the right to manufacture or have manufactured the S-2 in the US and Europe. Dates for the manufacture of the S- 2 have not been set, nor have rights been granted to Yokogawa to manufacture any systems beyond the model S-2. Please update your records to correct your published information.