GE delivers Dalian crane management system

24 July 2013

General Electric technoloy will have a key role in the production of next-generation LNG tankers and container ships after the firm was chosen by China’s Dalian shipyard to deliver a drive and automation system for a new Goliath Crane.

Atlanta-based General Electric has been chosen by Dalian shipyard in China to deliver a drive and automation system for a new Goliath Crane. The crane will be used to build next-generation LNG tankers and container ships. Commenting on the deal, GE remarked that, over their 12-year relationship, the company has helped Dalian Shipyard remain competitive by supplying drive and automation technology up to the latest standards. The US firm has also adapted its drive solutions to Dalian Shipyard's requirements, making them more customized and flexible in connecting existing components and systems to GE's crane technology.

The shipbuilding business is continually evolving based on the increased size of LNG tankers and container vessels. In recent years, demand has been growing to build these ocean mammoths quicker while maintaining the ever-present safety requirements and the need to manage or reduce energy use. GE's sophisticated Goliath crane and accompanying drive system combined with the company's long-term experience and track record of supplying these systems is helping Dalian Shipyard to meet these demands.

"We've been working with GE for 12 years. Their ability to customise drive and automation systems for large cranes is helping to support the development of our shipbuilding and repair operations," said Gao Guo Chun, project manager at Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Equipment Manufacturing Co. "GE's technology enables two of these 600 tonne cranes to work simultaneously, enabling the handling of higher loads required for building larger vessels. At the same time, GE's drive system technology saves significant amounts of energy. Working together with GE helps us continually push the boundaries of shipbuilding."

GE's drive technology delivers efficient and flexible control of electric power and is particularly designed to work and perform reliably under often severe environmental conditions. It offers optimised energy consumption and low pollution management by leveraging active rectifiers.

The control system is used to control both the drive and the crane. It is an innovative solution that includes all the hardware and software interfaces for drive-related control functions such as encoder connections, brake inputs and outputs and fast inputs for safety and positioning functions.

A key factor that is important to Dalian Shipyard is the automatic skew control system (ASCS) control and regulation software, which ensures two gantry sides, both have a length around 200 meters, run simultaneously.

Furthermore, GE's drive system high overload capability, fault tolerant design and fast error tracking capabilities offer robustness and increased availability of the equipment to the shipyard. This helps in improving the performance in building vessels. Additionally, GE's drive system brings reduced noise and heat emissions and also has a low space requirement due to its compact design. It is also claimed to offer high flexibility and low maintenance. It features quick replacement time of modules without the need for special tools or equipment.

"Our fully integrated crane management systems are helping our customers meet the evolving and demanding needs of the shipbuilding industry," said Pascal Cros, general industry business leader, GE Power Conversion.

"Our solutions are designed using active energy management and configurations enabling simplified status, diagnostics and fault detection so the operator can monitor all functions and data to improve overall operation of the crane."

Drive technology delivers efficient and flexible control of electric power.
Drive system brings reduced noise and heat emissions.
Control systems are used to manage both the drive and the crane.