Fodgaard goes long

27 December 2011

At a food processing equipment plant in Denmark, Fodgaard has installed one of the country’s longest crane systems, and designed a Bluetooth crane communication system to prevent dangerous lifts.

Fodgaard Cranes and Lifting Equipment has delivered one of Denmark's longest overhead crane systems for Jorgensen Engineering’s newly built factory in Tietgenbyen, near Odense.

The overhead crane system consists of 886m crane tracks, 18 double girder crane systems, and a total of 31 push girders. With the overhead crane system Fodgaard delivered a total of 32 units of Stahl ST electric chain hoists and 450m of power supply.

Sønderby Martin, crane manager at Fodgaard, says: "Only Fodgaard could deliver the technical solution Jorgensen demanded. We are proud to have delivered a unique solution for such a large project and to our client's full satisfaction.”

Jorgensen had asked for enhanced safety functions, due to the building's truss structure. Fodgaard solved the task by ensuring the middle cranes in each truss keep themselves informed about the location of other cranes in the same gantry. A potentially dangerous lift would be recorded and communicated to the operator by signal and siren. The technique for this process is based on photocells and a unique set of signals using Bluetooth technology.

At Jorgensen Engineering the crane system is used for production of process equipment for the food industry. Factory manager Tim Christensen at Jorgensen Engineering said: "We have about 5,500 sq m of floorpspace in our new modern production facility, which corresponds to the market’s demand for fast deliveries. Our new wider and longer space provides optimal conditions for employees and production equipment for quick conversion of our project-oriented orders.” In all, Jorgensen Engineering has approximately 8,000 sq m of new space in Tietgenbyen.

Fodgaard Cranes and Lifting Equipment is part of Max Fodgaard. It is a leading provider of solutions in lifting techniques, and is the official agent in Denmark for Stahl Crane Systems and Kito hoist.

Besides cranes, hoist and lifting equipment, Fodgaard is also a market leader in the field of explosion proof equipment in Denmark. Altogether, Max Fodgaard has 52 employees at offices in Hvidovre, Copenhagen and Skanderborg, Aarhus.