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February 2024


Securing loads – the latest solutions
26 February 2024 Julian Champkin reports on the latest solutions for securing loads.

Aerospace sector: Prepare for take-off
22 February 2024 Aerospace manufacturers are increasingly turning to cranes and other hoist systems to precisely place critical equipment. Overhead cranes add increased flexibility, reliability, precision and safety not only to aircraft production but all types of large construction projects. Jenny Eagle reports.

Load monitoring: Cloud connect
05 February 2024 Kito Crosby’s Thomas Dietvorst expands upon last year’s launch of the cloud-based Crosby Straightpoint LoadConnect product.

Load monitoring: Underwater measurements
02 February 2024 Tony Rock speaks to the CEO behind a Norwegian subsea invention.

Automotive case studies - cranes in motion
01 February 2024 We look at several case studies from the automotive industry.

January 2024


The latest from the Middle-Eastern lifting markets
30 January 2024 The Gulf states and the Middle East are synonymous with oil. How is the lifting market there faring, given climate worries, wars and pandemics? Julian Champkin investigates.

Intelligent Manufacturing Of Crane Girders
29 January 2024 William Huang, CEO of WorldHoists, talks through the company’s $10m investment in a new production line.

Warehouse storage: Denser is smarter
25 January 2024 Warehouses are in short supply, and the way we use them means the value of the space inside is increasing. So denser storage is the smartest way to increase the value of the space you have, writes Johanna Parsons.

The Overhead Crane and Hoist Interview – Daniel Beilfuss, GM of CMCO's Automation Division
09 January 2024 Daniel Beilfuss, GM of Columbus McKinnon Corporation’s (CMCO) Automation Division.

The Interview: Molly Wood of Ace Industries
05 January 2024 Molly Wood, engineering manager, has worked at Ace Industries for over 18 years, and is currently VP at the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA), which is part of MHI, the US (Material Handling, Logistics and Supply Chain Association). Wood is also an active participant in the CMAA Engineering Committee, which meets biannually to write engineering specifications to promote best practices for the crane and hoist industry.

Lifting attachments: The coil carriers
02 January 2024 Not all loads are best lifted by hooks. There are almost as many below-the-hook lifting attachments as there are types of load. Indeed, as Julian Champkin discovers, there are dozens of ways just to lift a coil of wire...

The Round Table – Automation in lifting
02 January 2024 Specialists from Ace World Companies, Caldwell and Conductix-Wampfler present their views on the current and future state of automation in lifting.

December 2023


U.S. State Focus – Overhead crane companies in Texas
22 December 2023 We feature a selection of companies operating out of Texas.

Light cranes: Making light work of it
21 December 2023 The word of light lifting is a varied one. Julian Champkin finds choices galore from several big names.

Portable cranes: On the move
20 December 2023 Portable cranes are often an essential tool for light industry and manufacturers. Julian Champkin investigates.

Subsea and offshore: On the up
18 December 2023 With global offshore crane market predicted to grow, we round up the latest offshore and subsea crane news from around the world.

November 2023


Kito Crosby CEO interview: How we combined two businesses
03 November 2023 Kito Crosby’s CEO provides insight into the deal that brought two lifting brands together.

Overhead cranes and Italy's northern powerhouse
02 November 2023 Northern Italy has produced some of the world’s finest engineering and continues to do so. Julian Champkin reports.

Metal industry report: Overhead cranes in the Middle East, Europe and the US
01 November 2023 Julian Champkin reports on sites in the Middle East, the US and Europe where cranes are being employed by the metal industry.

October 2023


Lever hoist insight: Automatic locking
31 October 2023 Jenny Eagle reports... The Kito LB-SL is a modified version of Kito’s standard Kito LB series lever hoists that provides additional safety through a safety locking module. Kito adds that existing LB hoists can be upgraded, so LB hoist owners do not have to buy an entire new hoist to get the modification.