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AI in control
25 May, 2023
In his March budget speech UK chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced £900m backing for new super-computer facility to help the UK’s artificial intelligence industry. Julian Champkin investigates AI and...
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Breakbulk In Rotterdam 18 May, 2023 Breakbulk Europe, which takes place in Holland, provides visitors with a networking platform to grow connections, generate new business and strengthen key existing relationships.
Southern European crane makers target carbon reduction 15 May, 2023 From Spain at one end of the Mediterranean to Greece at the other, makers of lifting machinery are thriving. Among their priorities are reducing carbon footprint and increasing the use of digital technology. Julian Champkin reports.
Manual chain hoists: Inspect it, correct it! 11 May, 2023 Tony Rock speaks to a crane engineer to find out the kinds of maintenance issues that can affect manual chain hoists.
Making the case for manual chain hoists 09 May, 2023 In a world full of automation and tech, it’s the simplest solutions that are often the best. Two companies – one manufacturer and one rental firm – make the case for manual chain hoists. Tony Rock reports.
The lifting equipment at work in the offshore construction industry 04 May, 2023 Offshore construction is dominated by the need for renewable wind power. Wind farms need specialised and challenging lifting equipment. Julian Champkin reports.
How simulator training can mitigate dockside risks 26 April, 2023 DLM sits down with Devon van de Kletersteeg, product manager, ports, CM Labs, to talk about creating real-time interactive simulations within virtual environments, to better train port staff
Ports and environmental sustainability: The future is green 19 April, 2023 As operations can impact air quality, water quality and land use, many ports are investing in cleaner technologies and environmentally friendly operating practices to meet federal and international standards. Jenny Eagle investigates.
Forklifts: Two-pronged attack 13 April, 2023 There has been no shortage of new products and technology from the forklift industry’s heavy hitters. Jack Carfrae rounds up the latest launches and developments.
Tech in the US warehouse 06 April, 2023 The lifting materials handling sector in the US is experiencing a period of transformation as warehouse operations require greater levels of digitalisation and automation than ever before. Maria Highland reports.
Warehouse working: Taking the strain 04 April, 2023 Warehouses rely on manpower to get things done, but behind every warehouse worker is lifting materials handling equipment helping make operations safer and more efficient, writes Maria Highland.
Gantry cranes: A leg up for loads 27 March, 2023 Gantry cranes are quite simply lifting devices on legs. Julian Champkin looks at this most useful of concepts.
US labour shortages: Hard work finding the staff 23 March, 2023 With the US facing labour shortages, supply chain issues and even talk of a recession, several businesses in the overhead crane industry describe what they are doing to help not only their customers, but themselves too. Tony Rock reports.