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When started out as a small-sized company, it really took off in 1976 when it began to design and produce materials and components for electrical power supplies for bridge cranes, galvanic plants and movable plants. The heart and soul of the company are represented by its founder: Vittorio Bonacina, a true self made man who successfully guided its company through various economic times and was able to transfer his fund of knowledge to the succession of employees who worked at his side over the years. The business model followed by By Carpel is characterised by rapidity in decision-making, a predisposition to flexibility and a thorough knowledge of its sector, along with strong leadership. The commitment and constant care that By Carpel put into the making of its products and the choices aimed at satisfying customers expectations. Production is aimed mainly at makers of cranes and bridge cranes. As well as those who maintain them, and consists of the 2000 type raceway in galvanized steel and stainless steel of the European type raceway with relitive accessories; trolleys of varios carrying capacities for IPE and NP beams; the Square Tube line for curved plants; telescopic anti-collision devices; buffers; various accessories and also flat and self-supporting cables. Finally the "Trolley Elite", designed for all lifting equipment not exposed to the atmospheric elements, in PVE

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By Carpel
Via Como,59/B
Company Tel: +39 5320952
Company Fax: +39 5320825
Company Email: [email protected]
Company Website: www.bycarpel.it

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